What would you like to invest in?

At STATERA IP we are known for our ability to analyze the client’s possibilities and project their investment, sales and business options.

Would you like to have a small Hotel?

Our network of real estate partners covers Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. We can develop a feasibility plan and study the best options. We find the properties and refurbish them combining the style of the client and the area, creating a perfect balance for a tailor-made project.

Do you want to buy apartments for tourist rental?

Our market studies always focus on where and when to invest. According to the client’s project we find the best possibilities, taking care of everything from administrative procedures and reforms to decoration.

This type of business requires formalities and tourist management platforms to operate, which, of course, STATERA takes care of.

Have you always wanted to run your own restaurant or business?

Once STATERA IP collects all the necessary information from the client to understand their socio-economic situation, we set up the teams to find the best premises and the best location for our client. Subsequently, we thoroughly reformulate the business objective desired by the client.

Once the business objective is achieved, STATERA IP will provide the company with the corresponding Information and Communication Technologies management and thus enable it to be functional and operational from its first day of business activity.

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